Errors fixed……. for now

First off folks, severe apology for not being able to sort this out sooner.  I didn’t get any of your eve mails to me until about 2 hours ago when I resubbed.  Everyone needs some downtime from the great game once in a while.

What was the cause?  Well remember a couple of weeks ago when the site was down for a couple of hours?  This was because it was being moved to another server.  The old server it was one was a centos server and the new runs redhat.  The issue was the method that I was detecting the browser with.  Because of the way the old server was configured I had to use $HTTP_SERVER_VARS[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’]; to detect the browser because $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’]; didn’t work……..

This has now been fixed.  unfortunately though statistics are missing because the crons didn’t get moved.  So setting those up now.  Statistics will begin populating shortly.

I will now get back to the rebuild…..  Again, if you have problems, catch me on twitter as I’ll be keeping it updated with current and future updates.

Fly safe folks!


SQL errors????

Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that around Jan I took a break from eve to concentrate on RL work and to start things on a complete overhaul of staticmapper so I’ve not been aware of any SQL errors.

Just to let you know that I will be looking at this issue right away.  I think I know what it is.  I did an update of the DB to include some more recent info from the crucible DB and there may be some discrepancies with some of the field names.

Will keep you all updated. Just look for me on twitter

Navigation planning updates

I’d decided that I’d put some time and love into the old girl at the start of the year and I’ve just pushed up and merged the latest offering for you dark denizens to enjoy.  Planning your route to jita is one of the most important things you need when you finally spring into k-space and not only that, being able to see how far that jumpfreighter has to travel is a must so after the initial layout tweak I’ve revamped the navigation tool.

The layout is this.  Left is the tools, map onthe right and for those of a literate persuasion a table below with further info such as number of kills etc.  In the previous update I added WH routes to the mix (providing you updated the sig map correctly) and the bottom option allows you to see graphically where your systems lead to.  The routes back to empire need improvement.  I have on the cards a clickable icon to zoom you from W-space to K-space map and back again instead of the great big orange lines stretching accross the cosmos.

Word of note : the capital planner is not optomised so will  not always bring back the most optimum route as dotlon’s does, but the capital planner is more of a guide so you can see how far that JF has to go before you decide to close the static again for a more prefered system.  I may at some point optimise it but for now, use it as an indicator.

As it stands atm the jumpbridge section is broken and I will be updating it next.  Some folks wonder why I included a JB map into a W-space site, well as most of us will be members of some nullsec alliance with access to JBs,  it makes sense you should be able to plan your routes using those handy gateways.  you can find some pretty good routes if things are done right.  My most interesting route so far was from a C5 to nullsec, over 2 JBs into a C3 to a hisec 6 jumps from jita.

As usual, find any bugs hit me up with a message.

A Picture paints a thousand words

There is a bunch of new updates coming to a popular system information website near you…. A sneak peak of what’s coming to you and also a nice visual representation of the place most of you guys call home.

Starting off on the bottom left, region 30, the regions continue in an anti clockwise spiral pattern to the middle regions.

The statistics dropdown option will display your connections from one system to another…… providing you updated the sigmap widget correctly.


The wages of war is….. iskies

I’m going to come off the back of the recent K162space blog posts with my own experiences on what makes money and how to cash in quickly.

Blake and myself have an agreement when it comes to trade.  He handles the main nullsec market hubs and I trade around the fringes but when war comes, those market hubs are my babies.  1st and most important rules, don’t even consider attempting to supply a wartime deployment hub without adequate logistics.  By this I mean you need a JF, and a cyno pilot with plenty of spare cyno frigates.  Don’t bother to use cruisers or anything other than a frigate because they will get popped.  cheap disposable cynos FTW.  and rememeber to SET HOME STATION so if you get podded, you won’t have all those jump bridges to negotiate again.

Plan early.  This is key.  What is the fleet docterine?  What ships will be flown and what fittings?  You’ll be surprised at how much isk can be made from modules.  Folks deployed in a warzone won’t have time to pop to jita so if you price competitively and don’t gouge you can make a handsome markup.  enough pre-ramble let me start off with how I maxed isk out of VFK during the branch assault.


When the anouncement went out that VFK was the deployment station, the first thing I did was deploy my nullsec trading alt up to VFK to assess the situation.  The market was typical intermediate nullsec.  couple of maelstroms at 260 mil a pop.  Modules sky high in price and little else.  Checking the trading site I saw maels were going hot in D2.  Blake had that covered so first stop was jita.  Maels going for 157 per unit.  6 bought and hauled to staging.
On the first night I put up those 6 maels at 190 mil per unit and each one sold within hours.

The first 4  days I was up and down from jita to staging buying maels for market.  When the price of maels dropped from 150 down to 130 on the 22nd I also dropped the market price to 169.  Throughout the campaign I managed to maintain a margin of around 15% per unit.  As the sole provider of Maelstroms on the market for the 1st 4 days I pretty much set the price based on the high jita sells + fuel costs + 15% then dropped it to 159 as jita settled down.  Passing on the saving is simple principles and good for the market.  Some marketeers would try to maintain the artificial high but that then kreeps into the regions of price gouging and can lead to diplomatic issues.  to be a successfull marketeer it’s not just reading the market but reading the psychology of the buyers.  Don’t p*ss them off because they’re the ones giving you money.

Some maels were dopped on market for 150 and 161 while Jita were still high and I snapped those up as they appeared and resold.  Some cheaper were dropped but I missed most of them and only managed to get 1 bargain but I managed to maintain the 159 mil per unit price.  If somebody undercuts you by a large margin, don’t be afraid to buy up the stock.  Resetting the price early can be the difference between collapsing the market or keeping it up. It can also save you a trip to jita.

By the 26th I’d netted enough profit to be able to maintain stock on the market and purchase minerals to keep the market filled.  15 malestroms of minerals purchased and compressed into 425mm rail guns.  the last 4 days of trading the maelstroms to hit the market were made in pure blind and jumped up.   Saving 3 round trips null to highsec using mineral compression can save you a lot.

On the 26th I dropped the price from 169 to 159 passing on the savings I made from manufacturing but on the 30th the other alliance traders seemd to have cottend on that there was money to be made.  The volume of units sold howerver had dropped from 20-30 per day to 4-5 as operations were moving from VFK to branch so I dropped price to 155 for quick sales and left the market for the other traders to fight it out.

Profits made.  Job done.

Mini Revamp

Just because I love you guys and think you’re awesome I put some love into the site with a quick revamp.  I thought the old style was looking a little fraid round the edges so I put some time in tonight to try and give you some eye candy.

Yes that header image is a generated php file because there are times when I am just that awesome 🙂

Route planner has more love.  Better styled and some new tweaks for better useability.  Map displays by default and route appears above it.  This is not the end.  Working on a capital jump calculator so when you pop up in some back water place, be handy to know how many hops to get the JF out there with supplies.

Navigation – WH routes added to planner

This has been on the cards for a while but just didn’t have the time to get done properly.  So I’ve been tweaking a few features on the site and this was definately one I wanted to get done.

so you’re in your C4 WH with your static C5 and one of your corpies says they’ve scanned a route 4 deep which comes out 8 jumps from jita.  Awesome.  only problem is they’ve already head on ahead to get those skillbooks from that university station 2 jumps out but they say they’ve updated the sigmap for each system and put the destination in for each system.

now the navigation planner works for you as well as those in nullsec with JBs.  Plug in your system, enter jita as the destination and the route will tell you systems you’ll pass through, which statics you’re going through and most importantly the time since they were recorded as well as the sig ID incase someone forgot to copy into corp bookmarks and logged.  Information older than 24 hours will be disregarded as no W-space WH lives longer than 24 hours.

Also works for those wanting to find a way in through reverse routing.  Even if the K162 on the otherside isn’t recorded, if one side is recorded it will find that route for you.