Site Maintenance

site will be down for about an  hour on the 7th April from 5am UTC so web server it’s hosted on can have the motherboard replaced due to a faulty network controller.  that tends to be a slow time of day for you guys but just in case, thought I’d let you all know….


10.10 FTW

Ubuntu 10.10 released and laptop was upgraded last night.  Some good news.  It appears that the problems with intel 965M graphics cards has been slightly fixed.  I say slightly because while eve will load up and run consuming only 30-40% of the CPU in windowed mode, it’s still pretty slow.  8FPS and some of the icons don’t show up properly.

I managed to fly around a system and everything seemed to work as it should except for the crippling FPS.

Client did stop responding though when I started to play with some of the settings.  Its a start but doesn’t look like I can delete the windows partition just yet 😦

Tech brag with a difference

There are plenty of brags out there with folks toting their uber 20 core quad graphics card 100 gigabyte super systems, but what about the other end of the spectrum.  What is the lowest spec machine you run with?

For me, I run my entire eve life off a Dell D630 Latitude laptop.

  • 2 gig ram
  • 120 gig hard drive
  • 16 meg Intel mobility graphics
  • Intel dual core T7500 CPU
  • windows XP Pro

With that bundle I generally run 4 eve clients at the same time (each from their own install folder) without problems (ok GFX on lowest, every option off and all 4 clients run in map browser view).  I technically can run 5 but the paging is so bad it’s nigh on impossible to do anything.  However I theorise that with 3 gig ram it’s doable.

If you’re system is lower than this and you run multiple clients, lets hear.