So what is staticmapper – Wormhole explorer all about?

Ever since Apoc came out with it’s wonderfully remote area of game space called W space, people have had many theories about how it works.  The purpose of thsi site is to settle the argument once and for all.

Those who dwell in the wormhole know that each system has a certain type of static exit type.  But how is it organised?  Is it possible to be able to keep popping exits till you get the type of system with the type of static you need?  That’s what this site is for.

It’s freely available to all to use.  The site is designed to be used from the IGB to get the full functionality but can be used from the desktop as well if it’s just general information.

Features of the site include :

  • Updated stats from API on jumps and kills
  • Complete list of locus sigs
  • Complete list of static types
  • Search features on both locus and static
  • Complete list of anomolies linked to system type
  • Automatic system detection and data input features on site trust
  • Sigmap widget allows you to keep your corp buddies updated on the available sites in your system
  • Track which systems you’ve scanned and share with corp or keep private
  • Enter multiple statics for each system

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