Industrial tracking website

A while back, I did a post regarding some market and manufacturing work I did up north for the branch takeover.  I got quite a lot of interest in the web application that I previewed at the time but it was designed to be an in house affair for the corp I was in at the time not a public tool.

Well the corp I was in ended up finally dieing, I ended up taking a break from eve for a few months and now I’m sitting in empire spinning ships in stations bored out of my head with this fantastic tool sitting there doing nothing.  This baby has had as much love poured into her as staticmapper and she’s begging to be used for her core design which is to take all the hard work of organizing and planning your industry from you.

those of you who also read the K162 know that when it comes to market trading and industry, blake and I know our shit.  We’re top of our game and the web apps we write are created from our experience of best pracitce.  What works stays, what doesn’t hits the cutting room floor.

To know more about the site, check out my youtube video here.  Venus, my own AI (Actual Intelligence) aka my georgeous wife was good enough to do the voice over so that should be a thrill for some of you….. 🙂

Play with the freebies on the public site and if you think this is the baby for you then feel free to register an account.

Just like staticmapper, I take your personal security seriously.  you private account is only accessible to you.  you’re API details are protected by encryption and used only when you are using the site.

At present, the corporate management features are unavailable until I revamp them to support a multiple corporation management structure but they will be available to you soon.  Comments and ideas always welcome…


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