Navigation – WH routes added to planner

This has been on the cards for a while but just didn’t have the time to get done properly.  So I’ve been tweaking a few features on the site and this was definately one I wanted to get done.

so you’re in your C4 WH with your static C5 and one of your corpies says they’ve scanned a route 4 deep which comes out 8 jumps from jita.  Awesome.  only problem is they’ve already head on ahead to get those skillbooks from that university station 2 jumps out but they say they’ve updated the sigmap for each system and put the destination in for each system.

now the navigation planner works for you as well as those in nullsec with JBs.  Plug in your system, enter jita as the destination and the route will tell you systems you’ll pass through, which statics you’re going through and most importantly the time since they were recorded as well as the sig ID incase someone forgot to copy into corp bookmarks and logged.  Information older than 24 hours will be disregarded as no W-space WH lives longer than 24 hours.

Also works for those wanting to find a way in through reverse routing.  Even if the K162 on the otherside isn’t recorded, if one side is recorded it will find that route for you.


One Comment on “Navigation – WH routes added to planner”

  1. Paul Saunders says:

    SOunds Great. Peace

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