No more W space jump stats

We all read the patch notes right?  Well for those who haven’t read them entirely yet the link is

Now for those who read the top which has the best bits but got bored towards the end let me fill you guys in :

• The Jumps API no longer shows jumps into wormhole space.

That’s right.  CCP have decided to nerf stats in W-space.  I guess they think that knowing how many jumps into the system made things too “easy” and decided to nerf one of your main methods for avoiding a gankhood.

Personally I find this completely lame.  I could get all RPG and go on about quantum wave forms or something Ub3r l33t geeky, but it’s early in the morning for me and after recieving the umpteenth mail about the broken jump statistics I thought I’d let you guys know the state of play.

My best advice is to bring it to the CSM and formums as I can’t really see a valid reason why the stats would be nerfed….  Just my opinion mind.


One Comment on “No more W space jump stats”

  1. Charles says:

    yah dude, its a WORMHOLE… having stats miraculously transmit themselves across the universe is a bit… lame?

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