Search system by static types

Ok ok ok!!! I caved in on this one.  Much requested and much wanted by you denizens of darkness, I’ve done a bit of quick SQL wizzardry and now when you search for the static types, below the details of said static is a list of systems that have that particular type.  Clickety click on systems to open up the details in the browser.

Now I got to say that this was a quick addition that I decided to headline above other features because of the amount of requests I had for it over the past month.  I have a bunch of plans for the site over the next couple of months, revamping some features, ripping others out that are pretty irrelavant or not working properly.  Lots been going on over the past few months so I’m sure there’s more bugs found by you lot, just let me know.  BTW Please please please turn off your CSPA charges or send from an account that I can reply to.  I mentioned it before but I do try to respond to you folks but if you have a CSPA charge on, I’ll soon run out of iskies trying to acknowledge that I’ve heard you…..

Ok enough from me, go shoot some tengus n enjoy the new feature-ette



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