I0 failscade – the DRK perspective

Until a couple of weeks ago, DRK was a member of I0.  And I can safely say now that we got out right in the knick of time.

From our perspective, we joined an alliance pretty much at war with it’s self.  In total we spent about 6 weeks living in Omist and with the exception of our temporary residence in Insmother, it was probably one of the worst decisions we could have made as a corp.  I’d sooner go back and join s3v3rance.

The offer given us sounded sweet, the diplos were decent and promissed the heavens as they allways do, just a shame that some of the members were jerks.  Within days of us moving up there, we began to notice the cracks, well not so much cracks as chasms, bottomless, wide chasms…… 6 weeks we gave it and we just had enough.  We lost a lot of good people from what we experienced in Omist, much valued and respected miners and industrialists.  Fly safe Guys! You know who you are!

What did it for me was one of the I0 High command thought it was a great idea to create a dotlan jumpbridge map…..  yes… A dotlan jump bridge map with open access…… so every man and his dog would have public open access to all of their cynos and JBs along with planets, passwords….. Now I know that these things are already known to the opposing side.  there is not a high command in eve that doesn’t know exactly where everyone of their oposition JB networks are, but to put them up on the number 1 eve resource for navigation where anyone could see……. well…… that takes a special kind of brain….

At least the JB network that I’ve got on staticmapper has security in mind from default and has had since I put it up there over a year ago.

So, yes, DRK had a very narrow escape on that one.  I’ll not go into the billions of isk worth of assets that could have gone down the pan if we hadn’t left before the ship left port.  Well, it’s well and truley sank now, but that’s eve, a steep learning curve and plenty of “experiences” along the way.


One Comment on “I0 failscade – the DRK perspective”

  1. Adamas Anax says:

    It was kinda sad, very stupid and avoidable, in my opinion. But, yes, that is the game. I am sorry to hear your experience was not a good one. This is most unfortunate. Perhaps what is more unfortunate is that the CC and RA guys got the space easily and ,therefore, missed out on a lot of good fighting opportunities. Oh well, time to move on…..

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