Too little too early

We’ve all had a chance to play with the new “shiney” and I thought I’d blog my own thoughts.

First impressions I’m sure we all shared, “Wow! Shiney! Shiney ship! Shiney eveywhere!”  then after 10 mins ambling up and down the catwalk hunting for the run key, finding there is no run key so continuing the amble, those who multi box soon discovered that even on a pretty good mid range gaming system, frame rates would drop from 60 fps for a single client down to 20 for 2 and lower with 3.  I haven’t dared log in the other 2 accounts from fear of melt down.

Decent FPS in space but stations, crippling.  So off goes station environment on my alts, followed half an hour later on my main.

So what are my real thoughts?  I think CCP in their haste to provide some form of walking in stations perhaps let their gun off slightly prematurly.  What do I mean by this?  Well lets face it, after you see your ship floating there and get for the first time the scale of things, gawp in awe at the size of that rorqual looming above you, stare at the screens and wonder over clicking aimlessly at the station door button, there’s not a lot left to do.

Am I really that bothered about wandering around a single room?  Not really.  what in my mind would have been a wise decision would have been to hold off the CQ until they had the station environment ready and release it as an all in one uber patch.  What they did with incursion may have worked for incursion, but incarna is a totally different animal.  Going from a space based MMORPG to a first person explorer should either have been done in one big bam, or not at all.  Drip feeding it to us in bits is a disaster waiting to happen.  I saw the Captains Quarters, I’m now bored of it because there’s nothing to do.  Am sure that when the station environment is released and we can congregate in the communal areas, check out bars, setup proper 3D offices that my opinion will change, but the little bit they’ve given really is too little too soon.

Turrets : Oh man! they are nice.  I have to admit that I did warp from station to planet a few times to see the lasers retract into the hull and extend at end of warp, watching the projectiles fold and unfold and the strip miners sliding in and out.  Yes, turrets are a win win for Raath.

Vanity items?  You got to be kidding!  I don’t even pay those prices for my own clothes, no way would I pay “real” money (lets face it, no matter how you dress it up, you buy a plex then swap it for micro money, it’s real cash) to cloth a digital avatar who looks fine enough in the stock items available.  This is eve afterall, not sims.  If anything, these are items that only a few “elitist” players with billions of isk to waste will buy.  Not because they want them, not because they look any better than the stock items, but simply as a status symbol.  “look how much isk I have”..

Yes I am impressed, but I can’t help feeling that incarna is a bit of an anti climax and vanity items are definitely a step in the wrong direction.


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