Subtle reminder

The header for the website has had a small addition.  Something to help people with short term memory or bad eyesite……


3 Comments on “Subtle reminder”

  1. Kename Fin says:

    Hey, I do not know the cause, but since the final incursion update, the acts as if it is untrusted. I have checked the trusted list and it is on it, have tried adding it again and it does not reflect trusted status. I do not know if there is something else I need to do, but thought I would let you know of a possible issue with the tool.


  2. Concerned User says:

    So, what’s the deal with your site being sooooo slow?????

    Did you ever consider stripping out the crap that people in wormholes don’t need? Like jumpbrige maps??? duh.

    Great tool, but it really sucks rtying to use it now in wormholes.

    • raath says:

      Sorry about this to you and all those who use the site. A bad query slipped through and as the amount of data added to the site increased it reached a critical mass and the effect was to slow down. Current work commitments have meant that I’ve not been able to put as much time into my own projects as I’d liked but the volume of reports coming to me I had to act on this one……..

      As you all know I like to leave the dataset alone so that the averages work out to the top and give a true indication (though it’s pretty conclusive by looking at the region view) so I’ve optimized the offending SQL query and reduced it’s overhead by about 99%. Running the query alone tool 15 seconds. Now it runs in about 0.3……….

      There’s still some more speed ups I need to do, some old features that I need to detract and new ones to add so please bare with me and I’ll have the crinkles ironed out

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