Mini Update – no site was not hacked

In the process of a major development in the site, somtimes small changes need to be made to the live in order to ready it for the big transition.

In this case, a new feature that many will find useful is being prepped but when I uploaded some bug fixes and prep work, some code designed for the test server was left in leaving a strange “you do not have access” message and a “click for access” link.

I sharply removed this and the site has returned to some semblance of normality

Anyway todays updates included :

  • Standings from API was pointing to the wrong API method. was /corp/Standings.xml.aspx but should have been /corp/ContactList.xml.aspx
  • Manual standings weren’t saving in the personal options when you went to edit them
  • XML Standings also were looking for the wrong data
  • The “You do not have access” screen was not the site being hacked but some test code left in. Removed and restored
  • Clearer indications of what to expect when setting the site to trusted in the IGB

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