SVG Regional maps have arrived

A good week for development.  Now for your own entertainment you can find regional SVG maps fully impimented.

Constellations are randomly coloured so you can seperate those jump routes where constellations overlap each other on the X and Z axis, and constellation jumps are a heavy white line.  Should make it nice and easy to see at a glance a good route from A – C avoiding that gatecamp at B.

WH space systems are now included in the constellation and regional map prettiness.  Due to their extreme range things weren’t working so well so had to refine my graphic generation methods a bit further.  All is working well it seems

And more importantly a FAQ section has been added.  Link in the footer.  I’ve added in the most FAQs to me so far but will populate it with more as and when folks start asking me more things.

Navigation icons are also added so you can click on the pretty famfamfam buttons and go your way.  Nice and easy.


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