Site Upgraded

October has been a good and busy month.  Started a new job, plenty to do and for the past few weeks I’ve been working on a major overhaul of the site.

On a weekly basis, the number of people using the site is increasing dramatically.  From it’s launch in March where I attracted a couple of hundred unique visitors,  the site is now enjoying 1500+ unique visitors per day and as interest in the site increases, so do the requested features.  One feature everyone seemed keen on was system information (planets, moons etc) and also a more complete database.

So now you have it.  Direct from the data dump I’ve updated the site with ever visitable system in eve, pulled all the API data for jumps and kills and you can now enjoy the site in K space as well as W space.  A more complete list of fixes and updates is on the change log.  Clickable link at the bottom of the website page.

The site is far from finnished.  I had a fantastic response from requests to beta tests and after a few niggly problems, the site is flowing smoooooooth as ice.

Originally I was going to upgrade on monday, but there were  problems with the live server caused by the redevelopment so I’ve taken an executive decision and upgraded it.  Consider it a RC as there is more updates to come.

Details will be in the changelog as always.

Any problems, ideas, you know how to get me 🙂  Enjoy capsuleers


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