Working, kind of

Ok so I spent last night installing, setting up and generally getting to know Ubuntu.  As an OS I like it.  It’s faster, cleaner and friendlier than XP.  Some say windows 7 is the biz but TBH I’ve had my fill with Micro$oft and want to give the smoking GNU guys a chance.

Anyway the biggest problem I face right now is getting eve to work.  After reading the forums, recompiling wine, installing drivers, compiling wine again, compiling and installing more drivers, I’ve reached the conclusion that Murphy, a constant companion of certain WH dwellers I’m close to, wins this round.  While I can comfortably run 4 clients (usually 3 hulks and an orca) for hours on end  on my intel 965 mobility express onboard GFX in windows XP, linux is not so forgiving.  There is just no hardware 3D support for intel which is a big pain.

I managed to get eve to run, got it logged in, picked my character but after 10 minutes waiting for it to come up of which the CPU fan started to sound like the turbine of a small passenger plane and as my jeans began to blacken from the increasing heat, with both cores running at 100% and temperatures creeping steadily into the mid 70’s (celcius to you guys over the pond) I quit eve and will have to admit defeat this round.

I’ll be getting a vostro from work next week and according to the dell website, the model we’re getting has another intel integrated graphics card so looks like I’ll be holding onto XP for a while longer.  Oh well.  So much for that idea


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