Time for something new

I’m not really much for blogging.  My time is either spent mining highsec ores these days or programming.  Or in most cases mining highsec ores while I code away happily with my fleet of hulks filling an orca.

But it’s on that issue that I decided I needed a change.  I have windows XP installed on my laptop and TBH I’m getting a little sick of MS prodcuts.  Started a new job with new challenges and they use Ubuntu as their main OS ………. and I like it!!

With a little wine, pretty much everything works.  Dreamweaver, fireworks and pretty much all my useful tools can be made to run so I’ve made the decision to go Jedi, leave the dark side and pick up the Linux standard.

So my next few posts here will be pretty much my journey into Linuxdom and how it’s effected my development of static mapper and more importantly, how it’s effected my game play.

The plan is to dual boot.  Using the Ubuntu installer to handle the partition and boot, I am right now defragging the HD in readyness.  so my next post will be from an Ubuntu OS.

On a development note did some minor changes earlier which included

  • Full w3c validation on XHTML and CSS on ALL parts of the site
  • Headers and footers fixed that were not showing correctly
  • Alignment on main trusted page and regional view fixed.  They were left aligned when they should have been centered.

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