Your wormhole needs you!!!

After a spate of bug fixing and new feature adding over the past couple of weeks, i’ve reached a hiatus where I can sit back and meditate on the next steps for the site.

For this folks, I’d like your brains.

Some of you have come forward and offered ideas and advice which I’ve gladly listened to and implimented into the site.  So thanks to all you who evemail or PM me ingame with your feedback.

So I’m putting out the ideas hat for you to fill.  I know what I wanted out of a site like this so put what was helpful to me in, but to make it better, I’d like to know what extra features you want.  Currently up for consideration are :-

  • Text box for taking notes that can be kept personal or shared with corp/alliance
  • Include empire systems in the DB so empire statics can be registered.  They’ll be automatically deleted from the DB depending upon the time limit of the static.
  • Empire statics could be linked to it’s connecting W system and vice versa.  Shared as private/corp/alliance (public?  is this something that should be shared publically?  Might make for some interesting situations for WH camping.)

Just a couple of options that have been thrown at me.  If you ahve others I’d love to hear.


One Comment on “Your wormhole needs you!!!”

  1. Prihs says:

    One thing I’d like to see is more information on constellation/regional statics. I don’t know how viable it is, but ideally if you jump into a new WH, it’d show the daily static, and then how often the constellation/regional static have shown up.

    For instance, I live in Region 28 which has a daily H296 static and my constellation has a C140/Z142 static. My Region also has a D792. In the last six weeks I’ve seen 8 Z142s, 6 C140s, and 1 D792. I’d like to share that info for other travelers so they can know what they might expect upon jumping into my WH.

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