Tech brag with a difference

There are plenty of brags out there with folks toting their uber 20 core quad graphics card 100 gigabyte super systems, but what about the other end of the spectrum.  What is the lowest spec machine you run with?

For me, I run my entire eve life off a Dell D630 Latitude laptop.

  • 2 gig ram
  • 120 gig hard drive
  • 16 meg Intel mobility graphics
  • Intel dual core T7500 CPU
  • windows XP Pro

With that bundle I generally run 4 eve clients at the same time (each from their own install folder) without problems (ok GFX on lowest, every option off and all 4 clients run in map browser view).  I technically can run 5 but the paging is so bad it’s nigh on impossible to do anything.  However I theorise that with 3 gig ram it’s doable.

If you’re system is lower than this and you run multiple clients, lets hear.


One Comment on “Tech brag with a difference”

  1. TrickyblackSteel says:

    My computer broke so until I fixeded it I had to run EVE on my old computer for a few days. Of course i knew this is gonna be a pain and also that my dual-boxing was over. The system is a Socket 462 (Socket A) Athlon 3000+(runs at 2000mhz and has 512m lvl2 cache), 1G ram DDR and a GF6600GT. I barelly cold run one client with almost minimum settings. Treyng to open a second client just crashed the new one, also opening the ingame browser crashed the game 😀 So I had to avoid pvp as much as possible jumped teh alt in a high sec clone. I lost my capsule when I was engaged because of the lag. now i fixed my new computer so all is back on trail.

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