I love Evegate!!!!

I don’t usually post more than once or twice a month but some fiddling this afternoon I just had to blog about how much easier thanks to evegate.

While waiting for some beta testing before I upload the next feature, I thought I’d address the fact that outside of the IGB, people had no way of contacting me without a RL email address which I reserve for close friends only.

I’m a coder who likes things simple and easy. I want to make things easy for my visitors because if you find it easy to use, you’ll be back to use me again 🙂 so how do I simplify recieving bug reports or feature requests?

While in eve gate and composing a mail to a contact I happend to glance at the address bar. hmmmm…. what if…

couple of minutes later I added a link that goes to evegate.com/compose/raath nambode, uploaded to test server, clicked in client and….. logins screen. Ok. loginto evegate and…… Character selection clicked on Raath Nambode and……. compose evemail to raath nambode!!

Loaded up firefox, goto test server, click on mail link and….. login to evegate…. straight to compose email to myself!!

CCP I love you!!!!!!!

Next week I’ll be cursing you for suddenly being swamped in bug reports and feature requests


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