Major database population underway

Thanks to a couple of very informative conversations with some folks adamant that I should take the site down because “info becomes useless if everyone has access to it”,  I managed to glean enough information to confirm what I had suspected for a quite a while.

Each region is grouped together by static type with the exception of regions 27 and 30 which are grouped by constellation and regions 1 and 7 which contain exceptions which we’ve still to figure out.

What does this mean, well it means I can now go ahead and with the information already uploaded start populating the rest of the database with the most likely WH.  This doesn’t mean that everyone can sit back though, I still need that data confirmed.  To aid our joint quest, I’ll be adding a pie chart to show our current status.  It shows these 3 bits of information

  1. Confirmed : these are user entered records.  You’ve seen the static  and added it
  2. Unconfirmed : these are records I’m manually adding in.  They won’t show up as a recent scan and will be overwritten when someone confirms the static
  3. unchartered : these are systems that I’ve not gotten round to or haven’t added because there’s not enough information to make an educated guess.

The idea of the new game is to make the red and blue segments as small as possible and fill it with yellow.

On the regional view a red ! will appear if the information hasn’t been confirmed.  As mentioned, if someone is in a system that has not been confirmed and adds the system to the DB as a user record, it will remove the populated record and replace it with what you found.   Keeps it all tidy that way.

On a side note, work in progress after this afternoons update will include :

  • Static type box on sig map.  Many of you have requested that the 2 options are not enough, and I agree.  So a self populating text box will be made available for you when entering a WH.
  • alliance share : another option that has recieved interest that I will add.  Now you wil be able to share information with the rest of your alliance to aid in roams etc.
  • System notes feature : information can be kept personal, shared with corp and/or alliance as you want depending how generous/paranoid you are.  Handy if you find a WH occupied by someone you want your buddies to avoid/invade.

I am as always willing to hear new ideas and features you’d like to see on the site.


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