Alpha release

The site has reached a halfway point where I’ve implemented enough features for it to be useful so I’m tentatively releasing a alpha of the site.  This is by no means the final product or anywhere near beta stage but I think that what is there will give you enough of an appetizer to want more of the full thing.  The new site can be accessed at

I’d be really interested on those of you using smaller devices like smartphones or tablets on how the responsive features work.  Please let me know any problems you have or suggestions on things that I’ve missed/excluded etc.

A list of working features are :

Home page

  • Git logs (list of added features and bug fixes)
  • (IGB only) Current system and route cache – Displays current system name, probable static and recent kill statistics.
    – Caches last viewed systems for the session only.  You can navigate to other pages and when you return to the home, it will remember and display the list in the correct order
    – If you move into a previously cached system it moves the system to the top of the list
    – Removing the system from the list removes from cache
    – Remove all systems, rescans for the current


  • Index page displays all regions along with regional sum of kill statistics.  All kills follow the same colour throughout the site. :
    – Red = Ships
    – Orange = pods
    – Purple = faction
  • Each region shows current systems grouped by constellation.  Shows jump (if applicable) and kill stats for the past 2 hours
  • Mouseover static for information
  • Click system name to go to solarsystem page
  • Each k-space region shows what the w-space side wh may look like.  There are a couple missing (but I’m sure someone out there may oblige me with an image at some point)


  • Displays relevant information on celestial bodies
  • Mouse over icons for further information
  • Station mousovers show station services available
  • Mouse over planets for PIable resources
  • Recent scans will be YOUR scans or corporation/alliance scans that have been shared.
  • Kill statistics for past 48 hour and also historical kills going back to 2008.  Also jumps for kspace where appropriate


  • Index page shows visual images of class to class statics as well as table of full static names
  • Click through to static page for full information and big image.
  • Class colour is related to the WH colour.

At the current state, the site is simply a lookup tool so if you want to continue logging your journeys and sigmaps, use the current site.  I will be migrating all that data over to the new site when I’ve added those features.

There is no account management yet so it won’t recognize your character name or remember anything you do outside of the current session.  It displays my name at the top but there is no functionality to it yet.  It’s merely a placeholder for the moment and I will be adding account related features within the next couple of feature sprints.

You’ll see a couple of navigation options that have not functionality to them yet.  I’ll briefly outline them for you :

Features to add

Route Finder

Same as Navigation on the current site.  Will allow you to enter waypoints and it will calculate the best route for you.  Will also (as with the current site) include w-space routes you’ve discovered.  The map will be completely rewritten so it’s not so slow and clunky as the current implementation.

Sig Map

Same as the current site, allows you to enter details about the scanned signatures you’ve found.  It will include the cut and paste feature you’ve all been asking for.  Included in this section will be look ups and further information on the sites with a hook to the DRK tracker’s price feed so it can give you an approximate value of the site.


A graphical representation of the w-space systems you’ve uncovered showing how they link together.  Will allow you to save chains for historical purposes.  It will be tied into the front page’s auto scan feature so you won’t really need to do anything for this.  In fact, it will simply be another representation of the data you’ll see on the front page anyway but something that has been asked for a number of times.


Completely rewritten.  Lets you enter the current jump bridge network so when you pop out into nullsec, you can see if you can get close to somewhere safe (if you’re in an alliance).  This feature will be one of the last to do as it’s not technically fully w-space related, but I found it useful when I was w-spacing as part of a large alliance.  Saved my skin many times.

Misc features

  • Home system – lets you specify your home system name.  Most route related sections will use this setting as it’s start point
  • Log visit – same as the current site, lets you log a scan of the system you are currently in.
  • Content admin – a little admin widget allowing you to change settings such as who can see the data you add to the site, how long to keep the data for and a few other things.
  • Activity notification – Front page information pod that lets you specify systems you want to keep your eye on.
  • Probable resident – Parsing the zkillboard api, it will calculate who the probably current resident is from the api-verified killmails.

Site revamp underway

Just a quick heads up that I’m currently, right now, this very minute… well up until the point when I took a breather to write this, working on a complete site revamp for your pleasure.

A number of reasons for this.  Firstly, it’s way over due.  The old HTML style was fine for the time but things have evolved and so have your needs.  I’m seeing a lot more phondleslabs and smart-phones being used to lookup data and in order to take advantage of this growing trend, I need to make the site more responsive.  Secondly the old legacy code-base is an embarrassment.  Honestly, I shudder at the Frankensite code every time I try and track down any bugs reported to me.  And lastly I’m a nerd who loves to tweak and make things better.  New web standards and widgets is more toys for me to play with which in turn means more toys for you to play with.  It’s a viscous circle but one I know you can all live with.

The kindest thing to do is to start again so I’ve already began the reboot.  The new site is based on a twitter bootstrap theme so nice and responsive for smaller screens (and IGB minimized viewing as well) with the back end being developed on the fuelphp MVC framework which will make my life a whole lot easier to add new features and trouble shoot.  I might even throw in a spot of unit testing and TDD that’s all the rage these days.

In the pipeline will be :

  • a complete overhaul of the sigmap including the much requested cut and paste scan results
  • more detailed information on scanned anomalies and a tie into the market data on the industry tracker to give you a guide on how much it could potentially be worth.
  • Some form of visual representation of scanned routes to tie into the current route finding feature.
  • Better search functions
  • More information on the current system and laid out a whole lot neater
  • A more intuitive way of adding to the database with better filters of sharing the data with corp, alliance and “friends”
  • WH images!!!  With the help of Penny Ibramovic of the blog, I’ll be adding to the static information images of the statics so you can visually identify them.  In particular this will be most effective when finding K-space target WHs.  When you enter the static code for the K-space lead into search, images of potential empire statics will be filtered by the target class and displayed allowing you to pick the one that looks like what’s in front of you so you’ll have an idea where you’ll come out before you even jump.

To wet your appetite, here’s a sneak peak of a responsive regional view

Regional revamp full screen Responseive regional view

How to spot a scam

Thought I’d throw out a quick post on a pretty elaberate scam which actually has some degree of success.  I have to take my hat off to this one.

so there I was in rens, looking at the market seeing what stock I could buy up and still make a profit what with jita being camped and all when I see in local some contacts that look legit.  Contracts in local that seem legit should cause alarm bells to ring to everyone….

Study the next screen shot for a moment or 2.

Spotting the scam master in local

Hangar clear out.  ok…  250 mil?!?  what????  Nothing in there that has the value of 250 mil unitl….. hold on….. Compressed Dark Ocher…. hmmm

View market and….. ahhhh.   What we see here looks too good to be true.  Someone selling ore at well over the market value, nothing odd about that.  What is odd is the 400 million buy order which exceeds the sell.

“But that’s impossible!” Well no it’s not if you have the right trading skill.  Here’s how the scam works.

Note the times.  the 400 mil buy order is 4 hours old, the sell orders are 40 minutes old.  to make this scam work depends on how you set up the orders.

The perp has an alt with margim Trading at level 5 :

Ability to make potentially risky investments work in your favor. Each level of skill reduces the percentage of ISK placed in market escrow when entering buy orders. Starting with an escrow percentage of 100% at Level 0 (untrained skill), each skill level cumulatively reduces the percentage by 25%. For a maximum reduction of approximately 24% total escrow at level 5.

He has to have enough isk in the alts account to set up the order but with margin trading it only part of his capital goes into escrow.  So what he does next is remove all isk from the alt.  Quickly sell a few units to himself bring the escrow up to full He then sets up sell orders with the remaining units.
Initially he’ll get a message telling him that the person he’s selling to doesn’t have enough isk to complete the transaction leaving him to set up the sell orders to a much lower price than the buy.

The rest is to wait for the next dummy to come along, buy the sell, try to sell to the buy and find out that he can’t! perp has 300 mil, the mark has some really expensive dark ochre.

and what’s the contract for?  to discreetly advertise the scam

Industrial tracking website

A while back, I did a post regarding some market and manufacturing work I did up north for the branch takeover.  I got quite a lot of interest in the web application that I previewed at the time but it was designed to be an in house affair for the corp I was in at the time not a public tool.

Well the corp I was in ended up finally dieing, I ended up taking a break from eve for a few months and now I’m sitting in empire spinning ships in stations bored out of my head with this fantastic tool sitting there doing nothing.  This baby has had as much love poured into her as staticmapper and she’s begging to be used for her core design which is to take all the hard work of organizing and planning your industry from you.

those of you who also read the K162 know that when it comes to market trading and industry, blake and I know our shit.  We’re top of our game and the web apps we write are created from our experience of best pracitce.  What works stays, what doesn’t hits the cutting room floor.

To know more about the site, check out my youtube video here.  Venus, my own AI (Actual Intelligence) aka my georgeous wife was good enough to do the voice over so that should be a thrill for some of you….. 🙂

Play with the freebies on the public site and if you think this is the baby for you then feel free to register an account.

Just like staticmapper, I take your personal security seriously.  you private account is only accessible to you.  you’re API details are protected by encryption and used only when you are using the site.

At present, the corporate management features are unavailable until I revamp them to support a multiple corporation management structure but they will be available to you soon.  Comments and ideas always welcome…

Site Maintenance

site will be down for about an  hour on the 7th April from 5am UTC so web server it’s hosted on can have the motherboard replaced due to a faulty network controller.  that tends to be a slow time of day for you guys but just in case, thought I’d let you all know….

Update about the update

ok folks, just to fill you in on events and planned updates.  After some pretty exhausting political junk before, during and after the new year I decided to take a couple of months away from eve to recharge batteries, but also to start on a pretty major project.

when I first wrote staticmapper there was no real plan or focus for the project.  I simply wanted to take what me and teh k162 lads had written in the form of excel spread sheets and convert them into an all in one lookup tool.  Those who were playing during the Apocrypher update will remember the wormholethingie which was the basis of the database.  Since then, it’s eveolved and included more and more tables from the eve datadump but in that is the problem. You see it eveolved.   So I decided that I would start this year with a complete rewrite.  Having looked at things like code ignigter, fuel, yii, I decided that the concept of MCV development was sound so I took my own framework and with some simple tweaks I evolved it into my own.  This is the new basis of staticmapper.  From your perspective, it will look and operate pretty much exactly the same.  From mine, it will help me greatly track down and fix the various bugs some of you have pointed out.

So what’s going to be new in the rebuild?

  • SEO.  Currently it’s all done through the index.php with get.  Nice and easy to code, not so easy for google to run through and index.  This is good for you because it will make it easier for you to find the info that you want.
  • Meta data and keywords – google loves the use of keywords in content so when the spider indexes the page, it will get all the info relevant to the system thus better search results.
  • Faster SQL – There is lots of queries on some of the pages.  And in some cases (eg region view) the number can really slow down the render of the page.  No page should take longer than half a second to render and this is what I’m aiming for.  If I leave you sitting there waiting for a page to render, that’s time you’re not paying attention to your surroundings and a better chance for you to get ganked from someone who is watching on the other side…….
  • jQuery – Lots of old skool code in there from the days before I started using jQuery.  so stripping out everything long winded and simplifying
  • Better search – One of your main complaints is that the search needs expanding.  I hear you and this is how it will work in version 2.0
    – Search by system
    – Search for systems with xxxx static
    – Search for systems with x type of planet
    – Search for systems with high kills
    – Search for systems you scanned by date range with all of the above criteria
  • Revisit the route finder.  Runs like lightening on my localhost, slow as treacle on the webserver.  This is not good and needs fixing.
  • Making the functionality to update system static records more obvious.  A nice styled button rather than the vanilla HTML one.
  • Sigmap features – I’m going to make it easier to fill in the sigmap.  If you’ve scanned down a system updated the sigmap on the otherside and jump through, makes sense that the sigmap for the otherside should auto populate the k162 record right?  And that all wanted signature notes field so you can leave each other love letters.

There are many other bugs that will be fixed with the rebuild, well basically because it will be a completely new site.  So plenty more bugs for you all to find.

Right now, I’ve go the core functionaltiy, template and MVC structure in place so I just need to blast through each section, splitting out functions to classes, views and models, each to it’s own.  My aim is to have the site rebuilt for June and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on how it’s going.

Fly safe and feel free to contact me with wish lists /features you’d like to see in the site.

Grabbing your attention?

For the majority of you, I apologise for the extremely vulgar migraine inducing text you see displayed below the menu bar, but it appears there exists an illiterate few are among you. So far today I have received no less than 4 mails from people to report false records in the data set. So to help these few, I’ve temporarily increased the size of the link. Providing I don’t get any further “this static is wrong in xxxxx system” mails, I’ll reduce it back to it’s normal size and colour on friday.

Please please please stop sending me messages to update the dataset. That’s your job…. It’s your data, from you, by you, for you….